Online Security: Remedies against Internet Threats

If you are surfing the internet for any reason or you are running an online business, there are some remedies and programs you can use to protect your business against cyber criminals and beef up your online security. Here are some of them.

Internet Protocol Security (IPsec)

IPsec is developed by the Internet Task Force (IETF) to secure TCP/IP communication properly. It is a set of security extensions that uses encryption to transform data in order to secure and authenticate the IP layer. IPsec is based on two major transformations, namely, ESP and Authentication Header (AH). One or both of these protocols can be used depending on the security service required for the protection of the IP layer.

Network layer security

You can secure your TCP/IP protocols with security protocols and cryptographic methods such as IPsec for the network layer security, (PGP) for email, (TLS) for web traffic, Transport Layer Security, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Pretty Good Privacy and others.

Security Token

Security token is normally provided by some sites to their visitors against the activities of criminals. These sites allow users to make use of a six-digit code which on a security token changes in every 30-60 seconds. The security token has keys which feature mathematical computations and are capable of manipulating numbers based on the system’s current built in time. With this approach, access can only be granted to the online account with certain set of numbers after every thirty seconds.


This is a part of network or computers that allow outward communication but prevent any unauthorized access.

Antivirus software

These are programs designed to secure and defend computers against the attack of dangerous programs such as viruses.

Others are:

Electronic mail security

Pretty Good Privacy

Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

Message Authentication Code