Tips for Guiding Against Credit Card Security

Credit card fraud is on the increase today. The truth is that fraudsters are becoming smart nowadays and you need to be shrewder in order to beat them. Here are tips to help avoid them.

Use chip embedded cards

The credit card companies nowadays issues card embedded with chips. These types of cards are more secure than the previous magnetic strips. This is because the security codes used by chips embedded cards are difficult to guess. Besides, it is not easy to fake the cards because the codes change at the completion of every transaction. So, if you are still using cards with magnetic strips, kindly request for a replacement from your bank.

Use different cards for online and in-store purchases

If you shop online and offline, it is advisable that you have two credit cards for each of these types of transactions. The reason for this is quite obvious. When one is compromised, you will still have the other intact and the risk of losing a lot of money is minimized. But when you have all your money in one card and it is compromised, it will be a huge loss to you.

Use PIN that is difficult to guess

Many people make the mistake of using PINs that are very easy for people that know to guess. You may think that it is not easy to guess any PIN since no other person except the users knows it. But experience has shown that people can succeed in guessing PINs correctly. Avoid using your birthday, wedding date, social security number or any other number that has to do with an important date in your life. This is because these are the numbers that people that know you will try first when they want to guess your PIN. So, use numbers that have nothing to do with any events in your life.

Guard your PIN jealously

When entering your PIN for the payment of your purchases, it is very important that you guard it making sure that the person nearest to you does not see it. PINs are not lengthy and so, they are easy to memorize.

Beef up your account security

Enhance your card security using any acceptable means possible to you. Set transaction notification on your online account. Choose both text messages and email notification. In this way, you will know when your credit card has been compromised or when an unauthorized order has been placed with your credit card. Once, you get a transaction alert not authorized by you, report immediately to your bank.

Another ways of boasting your account security is to set the limit of payment that can be made at a time with your credit. In that case, your account will be locked if the limit is exceeded within a day.

You should also use checkbin tools.

Don’t use public Wi-Fi

Don’t log into your account using public Wi-Fi in places like hotels and universities. Similarly, you should also avoid accessing your account with a public computer or another person’s computer. A good number of hotels use Wi-Fi that does not have end-to-end encryption. This means that the data you give with your device be it a laptop, tablet or smartphone can be retrieved by any person.